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I’m Emir Mulabecirovic,
a I.T guy with a penchant for clean code, design and typography.
I’m interested in everything related to open systems interconnections and information technology.

Managing my e-commerce company, which is some kind of micro universe, i am studying, observing and experimenting mechanics of online retail industry, having the unique opportunity to interact with everything comes before and after the “add to cart” button; From connecting to the supply chain to developing systems to comunicate efficently with the end-user, passing through the challenges of international logistics.

My craziest dream is to create an open and free e-learning platform in the legal form of a private company, wich has the mission to offer a chance of integration through education to all those people who live on the fringes of society and are willing to improve their situation.

Sometimes i go fishing, other times i build nerdy things such arcade cabinets but usually i just jump around.